Caring through Covid

  • Caring through Covid

    by Georgia Harari Caring through Covid

    2020 saw us 'food hug' as many transport workers as we could to say thank you for the incredible sacrifices they made to keep everyone safe in London. With huge thanks to all who joined our campaign launched through social media, and the incredible support of Watford's Deputy Mayor Cllr Karen Collett and Mayoress Caroline Stock of the London Borough of Barnet we delivered our Kosher, Halal and Allergen Free food hugs as a surprise, but serendipity kicked in and oh did we feel the love! Full tummies make people so happy!

    Thank you TFL, RATP, London Sovereign and Metroline to name but a few for everything you did, and everything you continue to do. We love you! 

    If you know people who need a food hug, send us a message and we'll send it for you :